May 31, 2012, 11:26 AM

GoECart targets smaller online retailers with a software upgrade

The e-commerce technology provider adds back-end tools for e-retailers.

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GoECart has been offering e-commerce software to retailers since 2000, but an upgrade to its GoECart 360 product is designed to give online retailers a single software suite to manage everything from front-end shopping carts to back-end fulfillment and inventory tracking.

Prior to 360, GoECart only offered a front-end e-commerce system to retailers, who therefore needed to find other vendors to manage their back-end needs.

The system is priced to give online retailers with smaller technology budgets—specifically ones booking under $50 million in annual online revenue—the ability to compete with larger e-retailers that can afford enterprise software suites such as IBM’s WebSphere Commerce or Oracle’s ATG Web Commerce, says GoECart CEO Manish Chowdhary. Subscriptions start at $1,000 a month and increase depending on retailer transaction volumes, he says.

Among the new back-end additions are order management, fulfillment, shipping, inventory management and customer relationship management services. GoECart is an on-demand, software-as-a-service—or SaaS—system hosted by the provider, so retailers need not make any hardware investments to begin using it. Implementation takes 60 days on average, Chowdhary says.

Notably, the 360 upgrade also comes with a fulfillment certification from FedEx called the FedEx CSP, for compatible solution provider, he says. The FedEx CSP stamp indicates that the order management, fulfillment and shipping systems are integrated, he says, which allows retailers to print all their shipping labels directly from the GoECart application.

Video game seller and distributer GameQuestDirect, which has a web store, two physical stores and a number of affiliate sales sites, benefits from GoECart’s strength in managing multiple sales channels, says Margaret Kim, project coordinator at The retailer has been using the new 360 platform for about a year. “When we launched with GoECart we literally doubled our orders,” Kim says. “That had to do strictly with how GoECart supports the multi-sale channels.” GameQuestDirect processes 200 to 300 orders a day now, up from 50 to 75 last year.

She says GoECart 360 tracks in detail every step in processing an order and is especially good at handling back orders, which was a problem for GameQuestDirect in prior holiday seasons. 360 also features simple text menus, she says, which makes using its applications intuitive. “It can’t get easier than that,” she says. “You just read it, and that’s what it does.”


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