March 20, 2012, 9:41 AM

Shopatron Conversion Testing Increases Client Brand Sales Up to 29%

Shopatron created a Traffic & Conversion team staffed with usability and online marketing experts.

The eCommerce solution provider for more than 1,000 brands worldwide has increased conversion rates for clients by up to 29% through conversion testing and optimization, included free of charge as part of the company’s eCommerce solution. The testing, conducted by Shopatron’s Traffic & Conversion team, has led to increased sales on specific client sites, as well as to upgrades shared by all Shopatron client stores.

In early 2011, as part of their Shopatron 3.0 updates, Shopatron created a Traffic & Conversion team staffed with usability and online marketing experts. This team, recruited from Shopatron’s experienced online marketing and web development groups, immediately began formal testing of numerous features on their client brand websites. The testing provided clear insights into online shopper buying behavior and pointed toward ways to improve user experience that would result in more sales.

Specialty puppet company Folkmanis, for example, participated in initial A/B testing that routed customers to two alternative shopping sites. The test examined the behavior of 1,194 site visitors and analyzed the effectiveness of simpler store navigation, improved messaging and enhanced merchandising. The upgrades produced a significantly higher rate of conversion, generating 13% more sales for Folkmanis and a 17% increase in entries into the checkout process.

“We were extremely pleased with the results of the test,” said Folkmanis Sales Director John Canelake. “Without Shopatron’s help, we would have never known that the design and layout of our online store would have such an impact on sales and number of visitors. The testing enabled our team to provide our customers with the best user experience possible when visiting our online store.”

Conversion optimization is a standard feature of Shopatron’s eCommerce solution. The Shopatron Traffic & Conversion team identifies website changes that increase online sales and then rolls the upgrades out to all client stores at no charge. From changes to on-page shipping advertising and security messaging to the addition of recommended products, the team focuses on modifications that give shoppers better tools to locate products and the confidence to add those products to their cart and checkout securely.

"We formed the Traffic & Conversion team with the simple goal of increasing our clients' online sales. Because visitors to a brand website typically have a high purchase intent, we wanted to determine ways we could maintain that positive momentum to the final sale. We accomplish this by removing any perceived roadblocks in the checkout process and also assuring visitors they can buy direct from the brand with confidence,” said Shaun Moores, Shopatron VP of Traffic & Conversion.

For more information on Shopatron, you can visit ecommerce.shopatron.comor call 866-625-5050. On the website you can also download conversion case studies or view the latest on-demand webinar on the subject.

About Shopatron

Shopatron is the only eCommerce solution in the world that can increase a brand's sales online, while also increasing sales through brick-and-mortar retail stores. Shopatron’s retail-integrated eCommerce with distributed order management provides an innovative and flexible approach to online sales that matches the unique needs of branded manufacturers and multi-channel retailers. Founded in 2001, Shopatron works with over 1,000 brands and 18,000 retail partners across more than 40 industries. Clients include top brands such as Bosch, Suzuki, Polaroid, Mizuno, Ducati, JL Audio, K2, Roland and Sport Chalet. The company has headquarters in San Luis Obispo, California. To learn more about Shopatron, visit

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