February 13, 2012, 4:32 PM

Modiv Media Introduces Industry’s First Mobile-Social Coupon Sharing Feature

Modiv Social harnesses the power of social influence with new Facebook integration, retailers now able to cap, track, measure and analyze socially-shared coupons

QUINCY, Mass.--Modiv Media has unveiled Modiv Social, the industry’s first mobile-social coupon sharing solution and the latest enhancement to Modiv Mobile, its leading retailer-branded mobile shopping solution. Modiv Social enables retailers to offer shoppers an advanced coupon wallet experience that aggregates coupons from any couponing source (web, retailer, mobile, digital, etc.) and gives shoppers the unique ability to share select mobile coupons via Facebook. Going far beyond simple sharing, Modiv Social enables retailers and brands alike the ability to track, monitor, manage and analyze the lifecycle of a socially shared coupon, as well as identify ‘shopping influencers’ and rewarding those who share these coupons.

“As an innovator in mobile shopping and commerce solutions, we’ve taken a fresh perspective on how retailers and brands can leverage social media, such as Facebook, to influence shopper behavior through their peer network”

“As an innovator in mobile shopping and commerce solutions, we’ve taken a fresh perspective on how retailers and brands can leverage social media, such as Facebook, to influence shopper behavior through their peer network,” said Mike Grimes, CEO of Modiv Media. “We’ve identified what matters most to retailers and brands while creating a smart and simple user-experience for the shopper. Retailers and brands can cap the number of times a coupon can be shared, determine which offers can be shared or liked, and measure which shoppers have shared the coupons and with whom. This gives retailers the unprecedented ability to identify the most socially-influential shoppers and target them with offers that will influence a broad range of shoppers. This is a transformational use of social networking, mobile and the in-store experience.”

The shopper will see a “share” option on a coupon to identify that it can be shared via Facebook. Once shared, their friends (and their friends) can simply grab the coupon and load it to their mobile coupon wallet for that specific retailer. The retailer can then reward shoppers for sharing coupons based on the simple act of sharing, the number of friends who grab or redeem a shared coupon or any other purchase-based activity. Additionally, retailers (and brands) can track and measure the impact of these offers because of Modiv’s unique ability to track the lifecycle of a coupon as it’s shared socially by shoppers and their friends.

According to Nick Holland, Senior Analyst at Yankee Group: “Promoting a brand, product or store on Facebook or on a mobile device isn’t new. However, the idea that a retailer can leverage Facebook and in-store mobile commerce to intelligently influence shopper behavior based on actual real-world sharing and redemptions is groundbreaking. The ability to enable positive viral promotional capabilities, connect shoppers to each other and bridge the in-store environment to the highly networked social universe is a significant advancement for mobile shopping and retailers.”

Modiv Social is available this quarter for retailers to integrate into their Modiv-built mobile shopping app and is scheduled to be piloted next quarter by one of Modiv’s newest retail clients.

Additional Information

* About Modiv Mobile: http://www.modivmedia.com/technology/mobile.html

* Modiv Media: www.modivmedia.com

* Modiv Media Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/modiv

About Modiv Media:

Modiv Media is the only industry-proven provider of in-store mobile commerce solutions that increase revenue and shopper loyalty for mass market retailers. Its flagship solution, Modiv Mobile, enables retailers to offer a self-branded in-store app for shoppers to scan, bag and checkout via their smartphone - all while receiving personalized, targeted offers. The company influences one million shopping trips per month, delivers over 10 million targeted offers per month to in-store mobile shoppers and facilitates over $1 billion in sales annually for retailers. For more information visit www.modivmedia.com or follow @Modiv on Twitter.


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