February 8, 2012, 5:04 PM

Klout makes its first acquisition, and it’s mobile

The social media measuring firm scoops up a local app specialist.

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The app only works in San Franciso.

Not content with just measuring the social media influence of consumers using their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, Klout Inc. has bought Blockboard, creator of a local mobile app designed for neighborhoods.

Blockboard’s goal is to use “technology to connect neighbors and build stronger neighborhoods,” the company states in its blog. Neither Blockboard nor Klout commented about the acquisition beyond posts to their corporate blogs.

In effect, the app acts like a mobile bulletin board, Blockboard says. Users can post photos, ask questions about their neighborhoods or post digital flyers, such as for lost pets. They also can report items needing city attention, such as illegal dumping or potholes, to city officials via the Cityfix tab in the app. Currently the iPhone-only app is restricted to San Francisco.

Klout may be counting on extending Blockboard to additional cities. “With their experience, Blockboard brings an awareness of how social media can be meaningfully woven into the fabric of a local community, as well as a killer mobile app development team,” Klout says.

Klout is known for its Klout Score, which measures an individual’s or brand’s social media influence by tracking their online content creation and engagement with others. For example, linking one’s Twitter and LinkedIn account might generate a Klout Score of 11 on a scale of one to 100.

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