October 25, 2011, 9:31 AM

"Smart Shopping" Windows Phone App to Enable Hyper-Local Grocery Shopping Lists

Utilizing the Grocery Server API With Data From Over 60,000 Retail Locations, the Smart Shopping App Now Shows Users Exactly What's on Sale at Nearby Grocery Stores, Marrying the Largest Grocery Deal Database to a Smart Mobile Shopping List Enabled by Windows Phone

SEATTLE, WA—(Oct 21, 2011)--Grocery Server, the largest digital grocery marketing platform in the U.S., and Smart Shopping, developer of the Smart Shopping mobile app on Windows Phone, today announced that the two companies have teamed up to create a powerful grocery shopping experience that also marks a first for Windows Phone. By integrating with Grocery Server's API, the latest release of the Smart Shopping app now shows users exactly what's on sale in their neighborhood stores -- from carrots to cupcakes -- helping shoppers make smart purchase decisions and giving brands a new opportunity to reach consumers at their "moment of decision."

"Windows Phone puts people at the center of the smartphone experience and Smart Shopping is a great example of how Windows Phone apps can make an age-old task, like grocery shopping, easier," said Todd Brix, Senior Director, Windows Phone Marketplace at Microsoft. "Smart Shopping is an example of how developers can use the unique capabilities of the latest version of Windows Phone to turn their app ideas into a reality."

Local deals and shopping lists are hot topics for both consumers and brands, and the Smart Shopping application raises the bar by integrating the two for the first time on the Windows Phone platform. With Live Tile integration from the latest version of Windows Phone, Smart Shopping also allows for easy, one-tap access to consumers' shopping lists, directly from the Start screen.

"Grocery Server's data marries items on a mobile grocery list to real products in real stores -- a dramatic improvement over most apps that leave the consumer wondering 'did I get a good deal?'" commented Corbin de Rubertis, co-founder and CEO of Grocery Server. "Grocery Server's data spans more than 60,000 retail locations, covers all U.S. zip codes, and includes the entire range of grocery categories -- from fresh produce, to meats, seafood, prepared foods and more. It's like having all of your local supermarkets and drugstores in your pocket."

"Smart Shopping helps take the grunt work out of your shopping experience. With highly intuitive and refreshingly easy-to-use tools, you can accomplish more with less time and money," said Brian Satorius, CEO of Smart Shopping. "Features include list sharing, an easy-to-use item suggestion menu, hyper-relevant store specials in your local area, shopping history, favorites lists, an advanced store manager that lets you create different aisles and product lists for different stores, and much more!"

For more information on the Grocery Server API and technology, visit www.facebook.com/groceryserver. To find the Smart Shopping app online, visit http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/b133d027-5d45-e011-854c-00237de2db9e.

About Grocery Server

Grocery Server is the largest digital grocery marketing platform in the world, serving up hyper-local, hyper-relevant grocery deal content across consumer-facing websites, mobile apps, email and social networks. With a monthly reach of more than 60 million people, Grocery Server integrates dynamic grocery deals directly into editorial and advertising content in a way that is meaningful to the end consumer and increases interaction. Learn more at www.groceryserver.com.

About Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping is an online service and mobile platform that saves you time and money as you shop. With its recently released Windows Phone app, Smart Shopping gives you easy to use tools that make any shopping trip a breeze. For more info, visit www.smart-shopping.co.

For more information, contact:

Jessika Goldstein

Duo PR for Grocery Server

(206) 456-3431


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