October 13, 2011, 11:33 AM

Customer comments get more Facebook exposure on Kohls.com

Finding good, bad and ugly customer reviews is now quicker and more social.

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Kohl's August redesign increases the prominance of consumers' reviews.

There’s a new look and a new approach to customer ratings and reviews on the product pages at Kohls.com.

As part of a wider e-commerce site redesign in August, Kohl’s Corp., No. 31 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, added more ways to search for and read customer reviews—and share those comments with friends and family on Facebook.

The ability to rate products and post reviews or comments on a product page is a standard feature on many online retail sites. But Kohl’s, which expects web sales to exceed more than $1 billion in 2011, made it a priority to add better ways to read and post comments on product pages and circulate those comments on Facebook.

Working with Bazaarvoice Inc., which sells product ratings and customer reviews services to online retailers, Kohl’s designed a new section on its product pages that lets shoppers filter customer comments by such criteria as rating, quality, style and value. Additional filters also let shoppers more quickly find and sort through positive and negative comments. 

Another new section tells more about each product reviewer with a summary table on the shopper’s profile, including first name, location, age range, and number of online and store visits.  “Thumbs-up” and “thumbs-down” icons track how many positive and negative reviews are posted on each product.

The newly redesigned product pages also give product reviewers the chance to post their ratings on Kohl’s Facebook page, which can then be read by the chain’s nearly 6 million fans. Designing a new customer reviews section that creates more ways for visitors to share and comment on the merchandise, both on Kohls.com and on Facebook, was important as the company works to make shopper comments more visible. “More and more customers want to share what they like and what they don’t,” says a Kohl’s spokesman. “They want to be true and honest and have others take into account what they really think.”

The new design approach to reviews and ratings is also helping Kohl’s do a better job of monitoring customer service on Facebook. When a particularly negative review complains about poor product quality or a mistake in pricing, Kohl’s follows up with individual shoppers by e-mail or by phone. The retailer may provide discounts on future purchases or seek to collect more information about the individual shopper’s issue, and tries to resolve the problem.

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