October 12, 2011, 3:43 PM

PayPal offers a new way to log into online retailers

With PayPal Access, consumers use a single set of login information for multiple retail sites.

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EBay Inc. today launched PayPal Access, an e-commerce identity system designed to let consumers use a single set of login information, including username and password, to log into multiple retail sites.

“Consumers don’t want to enter multiple pages of information to make a purchase,” says Damon Hougland, general manager of identity and informatics for X.commerce, eBay’s commerce system that combines the company’s payment e-commerce and e-commerce technology. “With PayPal Access, consumers can spend less time filling out forms and more time buying.”

EBay launched PayPal Access today at its Innovate Developer Conference 2011 in San Francisco.

Among the companies that have started to work with PayPal Access is Janrain, a provider of social media login technology for more than 350,000 web sites, including such major brands as Sears.com and Universal Music Group. Janrain is including PayPal Access within its Janrain Engage Social Login widget and application programming interface to let client retailers offer the new login service to consumers. “Retailers need to innovate to keep with consumers’ evolving shopping and purchasing preferences,” Janrain CEO Larry Drebes says.

When using PayPal Access, consumers can use their PayPal login data, such as stored shipping addresses and payment account details as well as usernames and passwords, to log into any participating retail site, instead of having to remember separate login information for each site, eBay says. PayPal Access is free for merchants, developers and consumers, eBay says. “Merchants simply have to be PayPal-verified, which is part of the standard process merchants go through when implementing PayPal as a payment option,” a spokesman says.

Also today at the Innovate Developer Conference, eBay announced that Facebook’s new Open Graph functionality would be integrated into eBay’s Magento and GSI global commerce platforms. EBay says that will better enable developers to build social shopping tools for consumers and retailers.

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