July 19, 2011, 9:53 AM

How to get top brass to sign off on mobile commerce

Always frame m-commerce conversations around value, a MCF 2011 speaker says.

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Christopher Brya

Though mobile commerce may not require a major capital expenditure, it’s becoming increasingly clear to retailers that mobile technology is playing a larger role in buying and selling. As a result, mobile commerce should be part of an overarching multichannel sales strategy, mobile experts say, and that means C-suite involvement.

This is why mobile commerce managers and directors need to communicate what m-commerce can do so senior management will buy into the fast-growing new channel, says Christopher Brya, director of mobile and emerging channels at Choice Hotels International Inc. He will speak on the subject at the Mobile Commerce Forum 2011 in Houston Oct. 10-12 in a featured address entitled “Positioning Mobile with Senior Management.” 

“Leveraging mobile in your business is not about sales or marketing, but rather about relationships,” says Brya. “The discussions with management and executives about mobile should always be about value, not about technology, costs or other investments. If the discussion is not about value, then you or your team have lost control of the framework of the discussion and the result will not be at all what you intended.”

Choice Hotels is operating a successful mobile program, and though he won’t reveal exact numbers, Brya says the mobile channel is generating sales in the seven figures each month. He will share his expertise in working with senior management at the forum and says attendees can learn various techniques to help top brass line up behind mobile commerce.

“When the discussion is on value and your management team is convinced of the wisdom of a relationship with you, mobile costs become less important,” Brya says. “My approach is to discuss five techniques to develop strong relationships that demonstrate mobile value and result in much higher commitment from your organization.”

Internet Retailer’s editors asked Brya to speak because under his tenure, Choice Hotels launched an m-commerce platform in 2008 and, in 2009, the first iPhone app for a global hotel chain. Brya also leads the mobile user experience lab for testing new mobile products, applications and services.

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