July 19, 2011, 6:25 PM

Digital goods are hot sellers among mobile entertainment consumers

53% of Myxer users have made a purchase via their mobile phone.

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Many users have made a purchase with their mobile phones.

Myxer is a mobile entertainment portal that offers free and paid virtual goods ranging from music to wallpapers to videos. Its registered users, needless to say, are very into mobile. And many are willing to go beyond downloading all the free content and shell out some coin via their mobile phones.mobil

In a survey of 2,400 Myxer users, 53% said they had made a purchase from their mobile phone. Of those who engaged in mobile commerce, 68% said they have purchased digital music from their mobile phone and 5% bought other digital content. 5% said they have purchased physical goods, 4% event tickets, 1% e-books and 16% a combination of the various goods. The figures do not add up to 100% due to rounding.

37% of mobile buyers, the survey finds, spend less than $5 during a typical mobile transaction; this may reflect the strong music category, as typical song downloads cost between $1 and $1.50. 21% spend $5 to $10, 16% spend $11 to $20, and 26% spend more than $20.

When it comes to paying for the goods, charging a purchase directly to a phone bill came out on top at 31%, the survey says. Phone bill charges are common options among digital goods purveyors. 18% choose to pay with credit cards, 6% PayPal, and 45% through other methods, including debit cards and alternative payments other than PayPal.

Among age groups, 38% of users age 18-24 prefer phone billing while 14% choose credit cards. 30% of users age 25-34 prefer phone billing while 16% choose credit cards. And 23% of users age 35-54 prefer phone billing while 28% choose credit cards.

“The report shows that direct mobile purchases should continue to be an exciting area of industrywide growth,” says Andrew Coury, data analyst at Myxer.

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