July 1, 2011, 1:31 PM

StrongMail Expands Customer Acquisition Capabilities with Pontiflex Partnership

Integrated online and mobile signup ads to enable marketers to increase opt-in subscribers for their email, Facebook, Twitter and mobile app lists.

Redwood City, Calif., June 27, 2011 –StrongMail, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for email marketing and social media,  today announced a partnership with Pontiflex, Inc., the industry's leading mobile and online signup ad platform. The partnership will enable StrongMail's customers to effectively increase opt-in subscribers for their email, Facebook, Twitter and mobile app lists. By partnering with Pontiflex, StrongMail is expanding its ability to create right-time customer acquisition opportunities for its customers.

Customer acquisition is a critical component of any successful email marketing or social media marketing program. Pontiflex enables companies to accelerate the process through the ability to run signup ads on websites and within popular apps for mobile phones and devices. Pontiflex’s technology enables consumers to opt-in to a brand’s marketing programs without ever leaving the site or mobile app. Marketers can add consumers to email newsletter subscriptions, facilitate app installs, or generate "Likes" on Facebook or "Follows" on Twitter. Because Pontiflex only charges for brand-specific, high-intent marketing signups, their programs are designed to generate subscribers that are more likely to be interested in a brand's products or services.

StrongMail's email marketing, social media and lifecycle marketing solutions make it easy for marketers to then engage these newly acquired customers with targeted messages based on relevant attributes from the source of the opt-in subscription. StrongMail can also amplify Pontiflex’s customer acquisition even further with StrongMail Influencer, which enables marketers to implement word-of-mouth-based referral marketing programs. Together, StrongMail and Pontiflex make it possible to effectively acquire opt-in subscribers and then engage them with relevant email and social media campaigns and lifecycle marketing programs. With this partnership, StrongMail's clients now have access to an easy, cost-effective way to acquire new customers.

"Acquiring new customers is essential to the success of any email or social media marketing program, and this partnership now makes it easier for our customers to build their lists responsibly with high-intent opt-in subscribers," said Kristin Hersant, vice president of corporate marketing at StrongMail. "By seamlessly integrating signup ads on leading mobile apps and websites, Pontiflex is providing a positive experience for consumers, facilitating meaningful conversions that can significantly impact the performance of a brand’s online marketing programs." 

"StrongMail is known for enabling highly relevant messaging drawn from direct connections to customer data, which makes them a perfect partner for leveraging the quality signups generated by Pontiflex," said Jordan Cohen, vice president of business development for Pontiflex. "Pontiflex and StrongMail provide marketers with a one-two punch for quickly acquiring valuable subscribers and then engaging and nurturing them with highly targeted email campaigns and lifecycle programs."

About StrongMail Systems, Inc.

StrongMail enables marketers to forge meaningful, profitable and long-lasting connections with their customers through email marketing and social media solutions. Offering a comprehensive suite of technology and services, StrongMail takes a fundamentally different approach to traditional email service providers that offers many unique advantages to brands. StrongMail's dedicated online marketing solutions offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise email marketing solution and easily integrate with customer data sources to help marketers improve the performance of their email marketing campaigns. StrongMail’s email and social CRM agency provides industry-leading strategic and creative services to help marketers listen, learn, engage and influence best customers. It's these differences that have led Fortune 2000 brands to switch to StrongMail. Learn more at www.strongmail.com.

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