June 9, 2011, 4:56 PM

Webgistix Integration with Magento Automates Order Fulfillment

Webgistix's bi-coastal fulfillment centers can help retailers reduce delivery times.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – June 9, 2011 -- Webgistix Corp., the global leader in eCommerce order fulfillment, today announced that DefaultCase.com, a rapidly-growing brand of cell phone covers in the United States, integrated its Magento shopping cart with Webgistix SmartFill™ to enhance its customer experience and speed order delivery. DefaultCase.com ships thousands of cases a day from Webgistix’s bi-coastal fulfillment centers using Webgistix’s industry-leading solution for outsourced, automated order fulfillment.Webgistix previously announced SmartFill integrations with eBay Selling Manager Pro and with other leading shopping carts as part of the company’s focus on making the entire order fulfillment process fast and seamless for established eCommerce retailers.“

Webgistix’s cloud-based SmartFill platform integrated easily with our Magento shopping cart, and the reporting features in SmartFill let us maintain complete control over fulfillment. Webgistix’s distribution centers on the east and west coasts also help us keep shipping costs down and shorten delivery time,” said Ryan Pamplin, President of DefaultCase.com. “We could not have scaled so quickly if we were handling fulfillment in-house. By outsourcing, we’re essentially moving fulfillment into the Cloud. For all practical purposes, we have limitless warehouse space. And, we didn’t have to divert any capital into building out our fulfillment operations. Most importantly, we can devote all our energy to building our company.”Webgistix SmartFill is the eCommerce industry’s leading fulfillment platform, a Cloud based solution that gives retailers control and visibility over outsourced fulfillment operations.Magento customers can use Webgistix SmartFill to gain the benefits of outsourcing their order fulfillment while continuing to leverage their existing Magento-enabled eCommerce platform.

"eBay’s acquisition of Magento and recent acquisition of GSI are an indication of where eCommerce is headed,” said Joseph DiSorbo, CEO of Webgistix. “If a mid-size retailer wants to compete long term, they need an outsourced system that integrates technology and order fulfillment or they will lose out to retailers that do.”“Mid-sized online retailers should take a hard look at their P&Ls and service levels. Online retailers that have Magento integrated with Webgistix have measurable cost and service advantages over companies managing these functions in-house,” he continued. “The Webgistix SmartFill integrations with both Magento and eBay make Webgistix the premiere choice for mid-sized retailers seeking an integrated technology and order fulfillment solution that delivers the cost and service advantages enjoyed by large companies using services such as GSI,” he concluded.

Webgistix's bi-coastal fulfillment centers can help retailers reduce delivery times by 40 percent and shipping costs by 50 percent giving the same or increased benefits over large retailers, with the added benefits of integrated technology.

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