April 19, 2011, 3:34 PM

The MyShopanion app takes social shopping and search up a notch

App update makes it easier for friends to shop, share and lend purchase advice.

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MyShopanion app users can now more easily share shopping information via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

Zappli Inc., the company behind the MyShopanion mobile shopping app, says it’s redesigned the app to enhance search and make it easier to share products with friends and get their advice.

IPhone users can now share products and ask for advice from their friends about products they are considering purchasing, communicating via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. The previous version of the app only let consumers share products but did not provide a way for consumers to solicit advice or easily interact, a Zappli spokesman says. Responses appear in real time and respondents don’t have to use or have the app to respond to questions.

The new version also adds another way for consumers to categorize their shopping lists and provide context to their browsing. Consumers can now click one of four buttons—like, dislike, want or own—to indicate why they are saving a particular item to a shopping list. Friends who have been given access to the consumer’s information can then browse the consumer’s “want” list, for example, to see what she’s indicated she wants to buy if they’re shopping for a gift for her, or look at her “own” list to see if they should ask her opinion of a product they are considering buying themselves. “The new version focuses on updating the social aspect of the app. It is really about making your shopping information more available for your friends to understand what it is you want,” the spokesman says.

The version also improves the app’s search capabilities. Previously, consumers had to page through search results to find the items they were interested in. Now consumers can sort results by relevance, ratings and price. Consumers can also sort by brand, features and by the retailer selling the items.

The new version of the app, which is free for consumers to download and use, is available in Apple Inc.’s App Store. Zappli generates revenue by charging a per-click fee to retailers when a consumer clicks through from the app and visits a retailer’s site, and when consumers act on coupons offered within the app.

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