March 24, 2011, 1:06 PM

Radish Systems grows a customer service iPad app

The app ties calls or chats to visual presentations conducted by customer service reps.

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The Radish Systems smartphone customer service app (above) is now available in a version optimized for the iPad.

Radish Systems LLC has launched a version of its smartphone customer service system specially optimized for the iPad tablet PC. The company’s ChoiceView iPad app allows a retailer to present a consumer with such visual aids as product images, demonstration videos and installation instruction diagrams.

“The iPad has exploded in popularity and we are bringing our ChoiceView technology to where consumers live—on their tablets,” says Theresa Szczurek, CEO of Radish Systems. “Mobile device users can receive, review and store information on the iPad while talking to a service representative who needs to share accurate information quickly. We have had great early customer results with our ChoiceView application on smartphones, so it makes sense now to make these capabilities available on the iPad.”

The system, called ChoiceView, requires a customer to download an app of the same name. When a retailer makes ChoiceView available through its contact center or web site, a customer is prompted at relevant times by a customer service representative or interactive voice response, or IVR, system to start the app, or if he does not have it then to download the app, which takes seconds, and then start it. All of this can be replicated through a live chat session on an e-commerce site, without the need for a phone call.

Retailers can program their IVR systems with prompts at given times during a call that suggest a ChoiceView session; customer service representatives can offer the visual aid at any time. A customer calls in to the contact center and the IVR system or customer service representative secures his phone number. The customer launches the app, and because he entered his phone number in the app, the system or representative can connect the app to the call. Then a representative can take over to assist with specific questions. A customer, for example, says he’s having trouble assembling the doghouse he purchased and the representative sends him a diagram or a product video.

Radish Systems expects big things of the bigger iPad app, which customers can use in conjunction with a phone call since the iPad does not have a telephone but affords a larger, more visual experience than a smartphone. The iPad app also can be used with live chat and voice over Internet protocol apps, which do not require a phone.

Radish Systems also is offering an integrated version of ChoiceView, where merchants and brands can include the customer service experience within their own apps.

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