February 15, 2011, 12:33 PM

Aegis Mobile Launches Mobile Privacy Monitoring Solution

Aegis CEO calls privacy the “linchpin” for continued mobile growth

Columbia, MD (February 15, 2011)—Aegis Mobile, a national provider of innovative mobile web and compliance solutions, is rolling out a new privacy monitoring service that will help companies protect their brand by helping them ensure the safety of consumer data, maintain transparency, and ultimately mitigate scenarios that could inadvertently lead to legal issues.

Offered as an adjunct to Aegis Mobile’s Application Monitoring Service, the new privacy monitoring solution examines application data transmissions, validating that the transmitted information complies with the end-user license agreement (EULA) and does not transmit personal information such as location or phone number without the express consent of the consumer. Additionally, when consent is granted, the service monitors that the information is sent only to parties as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

“Mobile has grown enormously in recent years, and maintaining control of user’s private information is the linchpin for continued growth,” says Aegis Mobile CEO Rich LaPerch. “As consumers become smarter about the flow of their personal data, companies that are vigilant about how consumer data is handled will be able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”

Aegis Mobile’s privacy monitoring solution provides the following:

* Monitors and captures internet traffic of mobile apps while they are being activated or while running on the device

* Determines IP addresses and/or domain names of the servers transferring data from applications

* Identifies the type of marketing APIs and web sites being used

* Tests if the mobile device is transmitting geo-location and device-specific data, including the Unique Device ID (UDID)

The new monitoring service comes in the wake of recent lawsuits against Apple, and a handful of application developers and advertisers, alleging that the companies have illegally collected and transmitted consumer data without the consumers’ consent.  

A Wall Street Journal article from December 17, 2010, examined more than 100 popular applications for iPhone and Android, and found that more than half of them were transmitting consumers’ browsing history, unique device ID, geo-location and other information without the consumers’ knowledge or consent.

“No one wants to be hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit because an advertiser or content creator is not complying with EULA agreements,” says LaPerch. “Knowing what data is being captured and where it goes through the network will help mobile content creators and providers to ensure that their brand is being appropriately represented on the network before it’s too late.”

About Aegis Mobile
Founded in 2006, Aegis Mobile is a national provider of mobile and compliance solutions. Aegis works with businesses to provide persistent mobile presences, and with the nation’s largest mobile phone carriers and other members of the mobile content ecosystem to ensure that content, media and specific programs meet all the necessary standards and regulations. Aegis’ set of proprietary tools provides mobile marketing compliance, media intelligence, device testing, mobile websites, mCommerce solutions and mobile applications to Fortune 100 companies, educational institutions and other businesses in a variety of industries. 

Contact: Daniel Waldman

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