December 21, 2010, 12:06 PM

Sunglass Hut has a sunny mobile performance week in mid-December

Sunglass Hut’s m-commerce site took the top spot in the Keynote performance index.

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The m-commerce site for Sunglass Hut shot up from number six last week to number one in this week’s Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index , which measures the load time and success rate of 15 representative mobile commerce sites., which was in first place last week and the week before, dropped a spot to number two. Meanwhile, Inc. fell significantly. Amazon dropped from number two last week to number nine this week.  

For the week ending Dec. 17, the m-commerce site home page of Sunglass Hut com loaded on average in 4.60 seconds, doing so successfully 99.07% of the time, for an index score of 839 out of 1,000.’s mobile home page loaded in 2.41 seconds with a success rate of 98.10% for a score of 813. And Barnes & Noble’s mobile home page loaded in 4.51 seconds, doing so successfully 98.78% of the time, for a score of 789.

The index average score was 536, with an average load time of 5.54 seconds and success rate of 97.86%. Click here and select Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index to see complete results for all of the index’s 15 merchants for the week ending Dec 17.

 Herman Ng, mobile performance evangelist at Keynote Systems, says Sunglass Hut has been steadily improving its mobile performance without paring down its mobile site. Sunglass Hut’s mobile site load time has improved from 6.28 seconds to 4.60 seconds, over the last 14 weeks,  Ng says, a 27.90% improvement.

“The Sunglass Hut mobile site reached the top ranking for the first time by having a reliability rate of over 99% for the first time and by improving site speed by over 1.5% compared to last week,” Ng says.  “The improvement did not come from site simplification. It is impressive to see a site that is able to improve overall site quality week after week without sacrificing any content.”

Keynote Systems measures the 15 representative m-commerce sites exclusively for Internet Retailer. The sites include merchants in various categories and channels, and of various sizes, ranging from such giants as Sears and Foot Locker to midsized retailers like Sunglass Hut and K&L Wine Merchants.

Keynote repeatedly tests the sites in the index Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through midnight Eastern time, emulating three different smartphones on three different wireless networks: the iPhone on AT&T, the BlackBerry Curve on Sprint and the Droid (which uses the Android operating system) on Verizon. Keynote combines a site’s load time and success rate, equally weighted, into a single score. Given both performance and availability are important, the score reflects the overall quality of the home page. A higher score indicates better performance; scores also reflect how close sites are to each other in overall quality. The index’s average score is the midpoint among all the sites’ scores.

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