December 9, 2010, 11:27 AM

Fraud protection is the top concern for online shoppers, says a new study

EBay beats out Overstock and Zappos in a survey of shopper trust for online transactions.

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Consumers are more interested in ensuring their online transactions are secure than in being able to quickly find what they’re looking for via a site’s product search when they shop at, and, suggests a report released this week from uTest Inc., a software testing company.

The findings are based on the experiences of some 600 software testers in 28 countries that work with uTest.

30% of the testers rated fraud protection as the most important attribute for what uTest calls specialty e-retailers, beating out product search availability, with about 22%, and the site’s ease of use, with nearly 20%.

78% of testers said eBay offers the best fraud protection of the three sites and 65% said they trusted eBay the most with their online holiday shopping.

EBay also gained praise from testers for its site layout. “The layout is very attractive and keeps in mind that the focus of the user should be on the items,” said one tester.

The testers’ main goal was to find bugs in the three e-commerce sites. Testers found 220 bugs in the web and mobile apps of eBay, fewer than the 314 found on and the 354 on Overstock is No. 28 on the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

A spokesman for uTest says that from a technical standpoint, most of the reported bugs were minor. One example is a site guiding a shopper to the wrong page. 

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