December 7, 2010, 9:01 AM

Network Solutions Introduces Universal Gift Registry from

When Networks Solutions e-commerce merchants place the MyRegistry Universal Gift Registry widget on their product pages, their customers can easily add items to a one-stop registry.

FORT LEE, N.J. and HERNDON, Va., Dec. 6, 2010 --, the leader in online gift registry

technology, today announced the integration of its Universal

Gift Registry solution with the Network Solutions(R)

nsCommerceSpace(TM) platform. Now, when Networks Solutions

ecommerce merchants place the highly customizable MyRegistry

Universal Gift Registry widget on their product pages, their

customers can easily add items to a one-stop registry. This

solution benefits ecommerce merchants, their customers, and

the buyers who visit to select a gift.


"We are excited to make our Universal Gift Registry solution

available to Networks Solutions merchants," says Oded

Berkowitz, founder and CEO of "Ecommerce is

getting more popular and competitive every day. Our

Universal Gift Registry solution provides online retailers a

much sought-after, sophisticated and affordable tool that

markets their products to the multi-billion-dollar gift

industry. It's an honor to work with Network Solutions, as

our company is dedicated to continue to provide the best

online gift registry experience in the marketplace."


The "Add to MyRegistry" widget, which can be customized to

look like part of the merchant's website design, is a

sophisticated tool that provides full gift registry

capabilities for an enhanced customer experience. The

customer who clicks on the widget can easily add a favorite

product to the centrally located gift registry at Anyone who then visits that customer's gift

registry at can select the favorite product

and complete the purchase at the merchant's website hosted

on the Network Solutions nsCommerceSpace(TM) platform.


"Universal gift registration is an enhancement our merchants

have expressed an interest in offering to their customers,

so we're quite pleased to be able to provide it on such a

comprehensive and affordable level," commented John

Steedman, product manager for Network Solutions. "It's good

for their business, since it will expose any participating

ecommerce store to a new market of potential buyers, and it

also benefits online shoppers who can easily purchase

registered gifts and discover new places to shop online."


Merchants who subscribe to the gift registration service can

track items that were added to customers' gift registries

and track associated purchases. Merchants also gain access

to an array of advanced tools for their customers, including

a social networking tool via a Facebook application, a

barcode reader iPhone application, customizable eCards,

Thank You Note Reminders, SMS Text Messaging Gift Alerts,

and much more.


Details about the Universal Gift Registry solution can be

found on the Network Solutions Trusted Partner page or

Ecommerce Third-Party Integration page.


About Launched in 2005, is

dedicated to streamlining the gift-giving process by

providing its members with the ability to add items from any

store in the world (online or brick-and-mortar) to one

technologically advanced, feature-rich and user-friendly

platform. is a leading service for online

gift registries for weddings, baby showers, birthdays,

holidays and any other gift-giving occasions.


About Network Solutions(R), LLC: Network Solutions fosters

small business success in the highly competitive online

space by providing the tools and resources to start, grow

and manage businesses online.  Network Solutions leverages

more than 30 years of pioneering experience to help

companies thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Outstanding customer service and solutions that are simple,

innovative and reliable help ensure business success.

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