October 28, 2010, 2:29 PM

New program helps marketers extend keyword targeting beyond search engines

Efficient Frontier clients can use BlueKai's keyword database for display ad campaigns.

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Keyword targeting is a popular term among online marketers. But most e-retailers think of it as related to paid search marketing. Retailers bid on keywords so that when a consumer types those words or phrases into a search engine, their ads will appear alongside natural search results.

E-commerce vendors BlueKai and Efficient Frontier are extending the use of keyword targeting to display ads. The two vendors are working together to allow Efficient Frontier clients to use BlueKai's search keyword database for their display advertising campaigns.

BlueKai aggregates hundreds of thousands of online shoppers’ keyword searches and separates them into categories. Through a tool called BlueKai Intent, Efficient Frontier clients can take their existing search keyword lists and match them with BlueKai’s database and target a particular group of shoppers with relevant display ads. Those targeted shoppers then see those display ads on the web sites they visit.

“Marketers now have another way to buy in-market audiences—defined by existing search keyword lists—and reach them outside the walls of search engines with any media partner,” BlueKai says.

BlueKai says it has data on more than 160 million shoppers across retail, auto, travel and finance categories who complete actions that show they are ready to make a purchase, such as comparison shopping or using an auto loan calculator.  The company says it views the activities of 200 million unique consumers each month.

"This new keyword-based intent offering from BlueKai will give us a simple and effective way to reach consumers with display ads using relevant search data," says David Karnstedt, Efficient Frontier president and CEO. He says it will help his company’s clients take the depth and accuracy of keyword targeting and apply it to display advertising. Efficient Frontier is the first beta participant in the BlueKai program. 

"It is indisputable that intent data drives performance and keyword search is a clear indicator of someone's intent to purchase,” says Omar Tawakol, BlueKai CEO. “That's why we're taking that additional step by making it easy for a marketer to use their well-crafted keyword lists in their display buys,". "This really starts to break down the wall between search and display.”

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