September 30, 2010, 5:18 PM

Online retailers can measure marketing punch with a new mapping tool

ShopVisible launches a geolocation feature that also offers customized landing pages.

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Online retailers that want to figure out where their web traffic is originating have a new tool: a new mapping application from e-commerce technology provider ShopVisible.

The company’s new Traffic by Location application determines by IP address the location of a web site visitor. The geolocation tool  then translates that information into a heat map—a visual representation of web site traffic, with hotter, brighter colors showing where the densest clusters of consumers are located.

A retailer can use the tool to help measure the punch of a marketing campaign. For instance, a retailer might place print or broadcast ads in specific regions to help drive traffic to e-commerce sites. The tool and the map can tell the retailer if the ad campaign is working.

“Targeted communication with existing and potential customers is key to the growth of our brand,” said Joseph Ferguson III, chief operating officer of HealthyLife Sciences LLC, which sells nutritional supplements online. “As a direct response radio advertiser, it is vital that we make the most of our daily air time. The ShopVisible Traffic by Location feature allows us to easily map out where our advertising has been effective, enabling us to adjust our spending patterns based on actual real-time results.”

The tool also enables online retailers to customize landing pages for consumers from different regions, says Sean Cook, CEO of ShopVisible (vendor page: Retailers using the service also receive spreadsheets that further detail site traffic. ShopVisible clients can use the service by logging into their existing accounts at no extra charge.

The spreadsheet shows retailers what country, city and regions visitors come from. “Basically, you can see holistically by country the number of visitors and percentage of total visitors who are visiting from that country,” a ShopVisible spokeswoman says.

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