September 23, 2010, 6:12 PM

Criteo makes placing display ads do-it-yourself

The self-service design lets retailers manage campaigns and make changes immediately.

Criteo, a personalized display ad management vendor, has redesigned its platform to give e-retailers more control of their retargeting marketing efforts. Online retailers also have access to a marketing dashboard that tracks results in real time.

“More and more advertisers and agencies managing accounts want full control over campaigns and the ability to react very rapidly,” says J.B. Rudelle, co-founder and CEO of Criteo. “With this, they can adjust in real time and without having to call an account manager.”

Criteo specializes in retargeting, a marketing tactic that shows consumers online ads after shoppers have left a retail site in order to entice them to come back and buy. Ads are personalized and include product recommendations based on the consumer’s browsing history.

The platform change also enables retailers to control their cost-per-click bids. Rudelle says these management elements of Criteo’s performance optimization platform bring the service more in line with how retailers manage their search marketing efforts. “As advertisers have reached a level of maturity thanks to many years of digital advertising experience, there’s a greater call for advertiser control,” Rudelle says. 

With the new system, cost-per-click bids can be set down to the individual product level. For example, if a retargeted ad displays three products the consumer had browsed on the site, a different cost can be assigned to each product displayed within the single ad. Performance reports appear in a dashboard that monitors standard metrics, such as impressions, click-through rates and conversion rates.

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