September 15, 2010, 3:04 PM

For mobile sites, customer demographics mean more than phone statistics

A Mobile Commerce Forum speaker will give tips on effective mobile site design.

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Movitas chief marketing officer Jon Cooper will speak at the Mobile Commerce Forum.

Mobile commerce site builders shouldn’t get caught up in smartphone statistics, but instead should focus on the demographics of their best customers, says Movitas chief marketing officer Jon Cooper.

Cooper will take part in two sessions at the Mobile Commerce Forum 2010, Oct. 12-13 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. One is entitled “Building a site in 45 minutes or less,” while the other is “Live, on-the-spot critiques of mobile site designs and apps.”

Cooper says many novice mobile commerce site builders concentrate on building a platform or apps based upon how many shoppers have an iPhone or a smartphone with a different operating system.

But the more important benchmark in building a superior mobile commerce site is studying in detail the behavior of the retailer’s best customers and then creating a superior user experience.

“Great mobile commerce design isn’t about phone numbers and smartphone statistics, but rather about looking at the demographics, knowing who they are and how they behave and then building a site that suits their needs,” he says.

Because mobile commerce differs from conventional e-commerce, smart marketers shouldn’t build a mobile program that just looks and operates the same as their current web store. “You want to build a site that is unique, reflects who is using it and then target the broadest audience possible,” says Cooper. 

Designing and then building a great mobile commerce site also requires effort in learning about the unique technology and marketing that drives mobile retailing. “This isn’t just a channel shift and recreating what you already have on your main web store,” says Cooper. “You need to learn how customers want to interact with your brand with their mobile phone.”

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