September 14, 2010, 10:30 AM

EWayDirect Launches a Next Generation Acquisition Engine

Direct|Acquire is the latest offering in eWayDirect’s flagship product, Direct|Connect 4.0.

SOUTHPORT, Conn. — September 13, 2010 eWayDirect, Inc., a premier provider of strategic emarketing solutions and services, today announced the launch of Direct|Acquire, an engine that empowers marketers to aggressively acquire new customers while protecting brand reputation. Using Direct|Acquire, early adopters have improved lead conversions by more than 100 percent while reducing the effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM) by more than 25 percent. At the same time, Direct|Acquire reduces the marketer’s risk of having aggressive acquisition campaigns hurt their reputation or email inbox delivery.

Direct|Acquire is the latest offering in eWayDirect’s flagship product, Direct|Connect 4.0, the solution that integrates email marketing, desktop delivery, website abandon marketing and branded social communities. In more than a decade of providing emarketing solutions, eWayDirect has powered tens-of-thousands of highly successful campaigns for its customers, and is changing the way marketers interact with prospects and customers online.

Key benefits of Direct|Acquire include:


  • Improved Lead Conversions by 100 Percent or More—Direct|Acquire creates multiple opportunities to maximize customer conversions from the most responsive lead sources.


  • Reduced Acquisition eCPM, by up to 25 PercentDirect|Acquire utilizes a unique high-low, easily scalable strategy to put the most budget behind the best leads to optimize eCPM. Using Direct|Acquire, top performing lead sources are prioritized and poor performing or risky lead sources are quickly eliminated.


  • Protected Brand Reputation and Reduced RiskDirect|Acquire monitors risk thresholds in real-time and pauses risky lead source feeds if they exceed predetermined thresholds, before they cause reputation damage.


According to Neil Rosen, president and CEO of eWayDirect, the results and returns from Direct|Acquire speak for themselves. “A large, national insurance company using Direct|Acquire has already increased same-lead conversions by 10 times. In just a few months, this company experienced a decrease in acquisition complaint rates by more than 75 percent and did not encounter any ISP or other reputation-based blockages,” he says. “Their ROI is incredible, and eCPM dramatically lower.”

Direct|Acquire is sold by eWayDirect as well as a network of partner companies, and is delivered on a fully-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription model. For more information, visit:

 About eWayDirect, Inc. 

Founded in 2000, eWayDirect is the premier provider of strategic emarketing solutions and services.  The company’s flagship Direct|Connect 4.0 is a unified emarketing platform that encompasses email, website abandon marketing, viral marketing, social networks and desktop delivery to create an integrated, cross-channel strategy that delivers results. To learn more about eWayDirect visit, read the eWayDirect Blog, follow @eWayDirect on Twitter or call (203) 254-0404 to schedule a demo today.

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