June 8, 2010, 4:42 PM

Free tools for paid search pros

These tools can help retailers continuously update and enhance paid keyword lists.

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Having inefficient keywords can hurt retailers: they can incur costs per click on shoppers who have little intention to buy and lose traffic filled with targeted shoppers. Retailers can develop and fine-tune keywords through smart use of search technology, some of which is free, Tony Soric, analyst at search marketing agency Clickable, said today at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition.

Retailers can use free tools that are being beta tested on Google such as Google Suggest, Google Sets, Google Square and Wonder Wheel to come up with relevant keywords as well as negative keywords retailers can exclude from their paid AdWords lists, said Soric, in a session entitled “Make your keyword list—and check it twice (or more).”

For example, on the Wonder Wheel lab tool, retailers can enter “dog training” and find other terms that may be helpful for their campaign, such as “puppy training” or “dog whisperer,” Soric explained.

When choosing keyword types, Soric recommended avoiding broad matches of keywords, which he says can be costly and result in visitors who aren’t interested in the retailer’s offerings.

“Exact-match type offers precise contextual control over when keywords and ads are shown,” he said.

Another free tool Soric said he uses to evaluate and analyze keyword lists is Market Samurai, produced by Noble Samurai.

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