February 25, 2010, 12:00 AM

With mobile apps all the rage, Keynote launches a way to troubleshoot them

Keynote Systems, which specializes in testing the performance of web sites and web-enabled mobile devices, has launched Mobile Device Perspective 4.0, a system designed to help retailers monitor and manage mobile applications.

Consumers have embraced the mobile app, those dedicated applications that let you do everything from follow the stocks in your portfolio to finding the nearest bathroom. There are more than 100,000 apps for the Apple iPhone alone. Now Keynote Systems Inc. is introducing a service for testing the performance of those apps, and troubleshooting them when problems arise.

The feature is part of Keynote’s newly introduced Mobile Device Perspective 4.0 service for monitoring mobile devices.

The new version of the mobile monitoring services adds more smartphones to Keynote’s on-demand global testing and monitoring network, including the Apple iPhone, Android G1, Nokia N95, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl and others. It also includes a new add-on option called Mobile Device Perspective interactive, which provides interactive access and troubleshooting of mobile applications. Keynote says it uses mobile devices in remote geographic locations to give mobile operations and development teams real-time feedback on their desktops.

With Mobile Device Perspective 4.0, retailers can remotely monitor the performance of apps that are resident on consumers’ smartphones and that are in actual use, as opposed to just testing apps in labs. And with Mobile Device Perspective interactive, users can troubleshoot and diagnose performance problems for mobile apps that are detected with Mobile Device Perspective, Keynote says.

The new system enables retailers to monitor and test content, services and apps across many smartphones, without maintaining their own documentation on all those phones, the company says.

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