January 21, 2010, 12:00 AM

Sterling Commerce launches a cross-channel mobile app

Sterling Commerce`s mobile app is an extension of the retailer’s existing e-commerce systems.

Sterling Commerce has joined the growing list of e-commerce platform and systems vendors now offering an m-commerce solution. Sterling’s offering creates a mobile app that is an extension of a retailer’s existing Sterling or other systems to create a fourth channel, the company says.

“It’s an enabler for our solutions on a mobile device,” says Jim Bengier, global retail executive. “We built this around our core functionality to be a strong cross-channel offering. For example, in the mobile app you can look at every order you ever made and in what channel you made it.”

Sterling integrates all e-commerce systems into the mobile app, dubbed the Mobile Store Channel, which enables consumers to search, browse and buy products, completing an entire transaction within the app. The company is working with a variety of existing clients to enhance the app based on their feedback.

Sterling also has introduced the Mobile Store Associate, a system designed to place in in-store employees’ hands a retailer’s entire inventory and the ability to complete a sale. The system runs on an iPhone or iPod Touch and is connected via the Internet to a retailer’s inventory, warehouse management, order management and other applications.

If a customer wants a product that is out of stock at that store, the store associate can use the system to locate the product at another store and either reserve the product for pickup by the customer or order the product on the mobile device and have it shipped to the customer. The system also displays product recommendations to go along with the product being purchased.

“Mobile Store Associate empowers the employee to find items, answers questions about products and pricing, look at store availability, reserve inventory, and even cross-sell and upsell,” Bengier says.


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