July 24, 2009, 12:00 AM

Ad network Kontera receives $15.5 million in financing

Kontera says will use a $15.5 million round of financing led by Sequoia Capital to scale its network faster and to expand its real-time semantic analysis platform and products.

Kontera, developer of an advertising platform that analyzes a web site’s content then dynamically delivers relevant ads to visitors to the site, has received a $15.5 million round of financing. Sequoia Capital led the financing round, with participation from Tenaya Capital and Carmel Ventures.

“Kontera has opened up the vast, uncharted territory of the Internet-the detailed content of web pages,” says Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital. “Thanks to Kontera’s semantic analysis of the contents and meaning of a web page, users can now find information that previously lay buried and advertisements can be positioned with far greater precision. Kontera has shaped and now leads this new market, which is why we organized a financing to further expand its thriving and profitable business.”

The company says it will use the financing to scale its network faster and to expand its real-time semantic analysis platform and products. Kontera’s product is known as In-Text.

In May, comScore Inc., which measures how consumers use the Internet, reported that Kontera was the fifth fastest-growing Internet advertising network, with a 40% increase in audience in the prior 12 months. Kontera reports that it reaches 100 million monthly unique users.

“Sophisticated semantic analysis is critical for succeeding in this new market.” says Yoav Shaham, Kontera CEO and co-founder. “Similar to search-based solutions, In-Text only works if one truly and deeply understands the page content and all its nuances. In our case, we also use learning algorithms and predictive real-time analysis to uncover the users’ intent.”

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