March 26, 2009, 12:00 AM increases traffic from natural search by 40%

The Christian products retailer, which sells apparel and other items with unusual names to youthful shoppers, has boosted natural search traffic by optimizing each web page for a single, commonly searched keyword, site manager Justin Palmer says.

The Christian products retailer, which specializes in selling apparel and other items with unusual names to kids, teens and young adults, has boosted traffic from natural web search by optimizing each web page for a single, commonly searched keyword, web site administrator Justin Palmer says.

“Our traffic from natural search is up over 40% for this year versus last year,” he says.

C28 sells apparel and accessories with product brand names like “NOTW Reality.” NOTW stands for Not of This World. “Many e-commerce sites only put the product and brand name in the title of the page, but not many people search for our products by their actual name,” Palmer says.

Many of the NOTW Reality products feature a Christian cross, and by including a keyword like “Men’s Cross T-Shirt” or “Easter t-shirt” in a product page title, C28 has generated a boost in natural search traffic from shoppers would not have searched on NOTW Reality, Palmer says. He adds that the alternative keywords don’t always produce a high click volume, but still effectively drive quality traffic to because the related landing pages rank high in natural search results. “These alternative keywords are not searched for very often, but consequently are easy to rank and convert very easily to sales,” Palmer says.

C28 has also attracted increases in natural search traffic by building niche topic landing pages optimized for keywords other than the primary keywords like “Christian clothing” that effectively drive natural search traffic to its home page. C28 has built about 20 niche landing pages with titles like Cross-Jewelry and Cross t-shirts, Palmer says.

C28 also operates about 12 stores in California, Virginia and Florida.

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