February 23, 2009, 12:00 AM

Revenue Science becomes AudienceScience as its offerings shift

The company began as a source for behavioral targeting technology but now has expanded its services to include an online advertising network.

Revenue Science announced today it is renaming the company AudienceScience to reflect that it offers an online advertising network as well as behavioral targeting technology.

“Our core value proposition as a company is that we help advertisers and publishers find audiences. The name AudienceScience instantly conveys the essence of our mission and the evolution of our business model in recent years,” says Jeff Hirsch, president and CEO. “Today, we are a technology-centric media company focused on the science of online marketing. By aligning our corporate name with the importance of finding audiences online, we will increase the visibility of the company with web site publishers, marketers and advertising agencies.”

In recent years, the company has created an online ad network that now includes more than 100 web content sites. Retailers can purchase online ads through AudienceScience that target consumers visiting sites in the network, making use of the company’s behavioral targeting technology.

“We gather non-identifiable information on consumers’ web surfing behavior so we can understand what their shopping interests are and what their product intent is,” Hirsch explains. “We then can make sure retailer ads are served in a much more relevant manner. The importance of the space is there are more and more impressions available on the web and it’s becoming more difficult for advertisers to understand how to best take advantage of those impressions to achieve their goals.”

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