July 1, 2008, 12:00 AM

Better images boost conversions by 22% at Fathead.com

Fathead.com adds new technology to help it dynamically serve up 10 times as many images in the same time as before and boosts conversions by 22%.

Fathead.com, a retailer that sells larger-than-life-sized action photographs of athletes and other celebrities, boosted conversions by 22% after re-launching its web site to add better product images.

“Many shoppers don’t fully grasp the Fathead concept until they physically receive the merchandise; therefore, we wanted to present our products to give scale so our customers could visualize how their selections would look in the context of their work or living space,” says Michael Layne, director of Internet marketing at Fathead.

To do this, Fathead used technology from Adobe Scene7 to dynamically generate product images. The new system enables the user to see three product views in four room settings and zoom in on images. Before, users could only view images in a single room and could not zoom in to see a closer view of a product.

In addition to offering larger images in more room settings, the program also allows Fathead to incorporate messages into images such as, “just in,” sold out” or “clearance.” And, it allows Fathead to serve up a larger number of images without slowing down its servers.

“With Scene7, we can produce 10 times as many images in the same amount of time as before, and are able to push imagery to the front to present our products in a more inviting manner,” Layne says.

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