July 21, 2006, 12:00 AM

Crutchfield sparks conversion rates with online demo tool

When consumer interest in GPS navigation devices coincided with demand for more help in understanding how to use the high-tech tools, Crutchfield.com installed an interactive demo on its site and sparked conversion rates.

With consumer interest growing in GPS navigation devices, Crutchfield Corp.’s Crutchfield.com responded to customer demand for more help in understanding how to use the high-tech tools by installing an interactive “Navigate Your Life” demo on its site. In turn, conversion rates have gone up, the retailer says.

“Conversions are higher with customers who use the tool than with those who don’t use it,” says Todd Cabell, projects editor for Crutchfield.com.

The GPS demo feature, which Crutchfield developed in-house with content from digital map provider Tele Atlas, displays a life-size image of a GPS screen being activated by an animated hand. A user of the demo tool has several options, including viewing a sample route request from beginning to end and requesting a traffic and weather report.

The Navigate Your Life tool is the latest in a group of educational shopping features that Crutchfield.com has deployed this year.

In March, the consumer electronics retailer launched for iPod customers a “digital drive-through” tool that provides a step-by-step process of selecting an iPod model, matching it with a consumer’s car stereo, and showing in a detailed diagram how to connect the two.

In April, it launched a TV Setup tool in its Do It Yourself section that provides measurement figures and images to help shoppers match particular TVs with particular types of furniture.

Crutchfield initially offered self-help tools on its site several years ago with the launch of its “Fits My Car” tool that provides installation information on a general range of electronics accessories.

“The more we can put these types of tools in front of customers, the better off they are shopping and the more they seem to appreciate it,” Cabell says.

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