June 15, 2006, 12:00 AM

Analytics help AllergyBuyersClub.com boost sales by 35%

HBX analytics from WebSideStory highlighted where to simplify and where to add to the offering. As a result, sales in the bedding category alone almost doubled over the past year, the retailer of health-focused home products says.


AllergyBuyersClub.com, a retailer of health-focused home products, has increased sales by 35% over the past year in large measure through changes to the site that were driven by web analytics, according to company president Mercia Tapping.

Using HBX web analytics from WebSideStory, the company tested design variables on several of its web pages to identify those that increased business. “HBX gave us a window into what was happening to each web page and we set about experimenting and tabulating results instead of speculating as to what would make a difference in conversion rates,” says Tapping.

The application of analytics yielded some surprises. It showed, for example, that the site’s use of rich media content and in particular where it was placed in the purchase process-at a point at which customers were prepared to press the Buy button-was confusing customers rather than helping them make product choices.

“It was as if we were telling customers not to buy yet, but to educate themselves more to be really sure about their choice,” Tapping says. Analytics also pointed the way toward which lesser-performing products to eliminate so as to focus customers on better-converting products. Analytics showed that customers had been confused by too many choices in certain product categories, the company found.

At the same time, analytic data also highlighted some product categories, such as bedding, in which customers were looking for more product choices than presented. The company expanded its offering in those categories and as a result almost doubled sales in its bedding category alone over the past year.

Also contributing to the overall sales increase is the company’s new catalog, which it launched last year, the company is finding. The catalog is driving people to the web site and in addition, customers who`ve received the catalog make larger purchases well above the usual $375 average order size, the company says.


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