May 31, 2006, 12:00 AM

Deep content makes the difference at

Buying consumer electronics involves a complex purchasing decision, Crutchfield’s Andy Stevenson will tell IR 2006 attendees. Content that makes the selection process easier is one reason that customers buy on

Deep content isn’t an afterthought at – it’s a principle core to Crutchfield’s operations that dates to the company’s early days when founder Bill Crutchfield put into his catalogs the detailed information needed to help his first customers put audio equipment in their cars. Today, Crutchfield’s focus on content continues, with online access to far more product information than can be presented in a catalog, to help customers in the often-complex decision process of purchasing consumer electronics.

Andy Stevenson, senior director of, will share how content makes the difference at in a presentation, “Using Content to Make Your Site Stand Out,” at at the Internet Retailer 2006 Conference & Exhibition. He also will share the process Crutchfield uses to make its content unique, which involves dedicated creative, product research and e-commerce teams. “If you just take the information the manufacturer provides, then you are just going to be like everyone else – except that some sites don’t even offer that,” says Stevenson. “We try to get a feel for what it means to the customer and what angle the customer is most going to appreciate.”

Crutchfield looks at its resource investment in content in terms of standard business performance goals, but one of its greatest payoffs for a focus on deep content is in the form of lots of positive customer feedback. “I could point to any day’s worth of comments from BizRate to find something pertaining to people thanking us for the content we provide,” says Stevenson.


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