February 2, 2006, 12:00 AM

Forzieri.com gets a 10% spike in web search traffic using site search data

Forzieri.com, a retailer of luxury and designer fashion accessories, experienced a 10% increase in site traffic coming from natural search using a new component in Celebros Inc.`s site search.

Forzieri.com, an online retailer of luxury and designer fashion accessories, experienced a 10% increase in click-throughs and site traffic coming from natural search using a new add-on component to Celebros Inc.’s site search technology, the retailer said.

Forzieri-which began using Celebros’ Qwiser Traffic Builder in October-already had been using Celebros’ Qwiser Salesperson and Qwiser Analytics.

“The amount of traffic the solution directs to our store is steadily increasing, growing into the thousands and making a dramatic difference,” said CEO Andrea Forzieri, without giving more details.

Traffic Builder uses data and profiles produced by the Qwiser site-search technology to develop links that will be picked up by search engines such as Yahoo, Google or MSN, says Michael Crandell, CEO of Celebros USA.

“Somebody’s search behavior when they’re on the site is used to predict what people might be searching for on Google and Yahoo,” Crandell says.

Using site analytics, TrafficBuilder determines popular search terms and automatically builds a set of links that can be picked up by natural search, he says. The items are listed on an index page on the Forzieri site using both generic links-for example, Italian handbags-or a more specific link, such as Orange Missoni Hobo Bag.

“This is a tree structure that’s very easy for the search engines to crawl,” Crandell says. “What they’re looking for is sites that are logically laid out with descriptions that have normal English key words that aren’t too saturated and that are listed on a page that is visible.”

Shoppers delivered to the site by Traffic Builder are more likely to make a purchase than those that “stumble” onto the site, because a single click often brings them directly to the right item, Crandell says.

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