January 26, 2006, 12:00 AM

How RadioShack.com reengineered its workflow

Behind the recent launch of RadioShack’s new web site was a move to an outsourced e-commerce platform at GSI Commerce. To support the move internally, RadioShack.com added a new content management system and dedicated team.

Scalability, the demands placed on e-commerce infrastructure by increasing traffic, even expansion of the web site’s mission may all figure into an e-retailer`s decision to upgrade its technology platform. To meet those demands may require site operators to do more than simply buy more capacity: RadioShack.com changed its entire workflow to get what it wanted, the company tells Internet Retailer.com.

RadioShack Corp.’s decision to swap out its existing e-commerce platform for a new one on GSI Commerce to support the launch of its new web site last fall aligns with a more integrated multi-channel strategy at the consumer electronics retailer. Another key consideration in the switch was getting access to capabilites and functions the old platform didn`t provide.

Though the e-commerce platform is now outsourced, RadioShack still originates all the content the new GSI platform supports on RadioShack.com. So to improve the process by which it creates the content it would now feed to GSI, RadioShack, No. 108 in the Internet Retailer Top 400 Guide to Retail Web Sites, implemented a new IBM WebSphere content management system prior to going live with GSI.

To staff it, a dedicated in-house content management team was created, which pulled copywriters and others from marketing staff as well creating some new positions and adding new hires. “We reengineered the entire workflow. We build out specs, features and products and we feed those assets to GSI, which in turn displays them on our web site. Even though they are in effect our IT shop, there is a lot of integration work that connects the two companies,” says Jim Hamilton, senior vice president and chief merchandising officer, RadioShack.

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