September 23, 2005, 12:00 AM

SPONSORED CASE STUDY: Home Décor Products, Inc. Fuels Growth with Commerce Data Syndication SM

Home Decor Products currently operates four retail sites: HomeClick, AbsoluteHome, and KnobsAndThings. A rapidly growing home improvement e-retailer, Home Decor Products struggled with daily management and delivery of its product catalogs to nearly a dozen online marketing partners, including, NexTag, Shopzilla, Yahoo! Shopping and MSN Shopping.

With almost 250,000 products featured on its four retail sites, Home Decor Products relied heavily on its IT team to deliver over 2.5 million data records to its marketing partners each day. The IT organization dedicated over 1,000 hours a year creating, monitoring, and maintaining these data feeds, yet could not keep pace with demand. "There were changes we wanted to make," said Christal Condon, Director of Online Marketing for Home Decor Products, "but at times our IT staff found it challenging trying to balance these requests with other key business initiatives." In addition, Home Decor Products marketing department wanted to evaluate performance at new comparison shopping sites and portals, but the setup process was time consuming and complex.

Home Decor Products needed a data partner that understood its business and the critical importance of comparison shopping sites for building their brand awareness and driving revenues. They also needed to find a partner they could trust because just one bad data feed to a comparison shopping site would have a significant impact on their revenues.

After talking with a number of companies that offer data feed management services, Home Decor Products selected Channel Intelligence in part because of a referral from one of the top comparison shopping sites. With trust being a major part of this outsourcing decision, this referral meant a lot in the vendor evaluation process.

Key results for Home Decor Products:

Home Decor Products was pleasantly surprised by the proactive communication they received from Channel Intelligence. "With Channel Intelligence, we have a constant dialogue that is dedicated to making the comparison shopping sites more effective in terms of ROI," stated Christal Condon of Home Decor Products. "In a business as diverse and complex as ours, this dialogue has been crucial to our marketing success on comparison shopping sites."

Commerce Data Syndication delivers more than 40 optimized data feeds for Home Decor Products, containing 2.9 million data records. Through the comparison shopping sites, shopping portals and search engines, Home Decor Products reaches an audience of well over 1 million unique visitors per month. Even with this massive number of products to manage, Channel Intelligence has met this challenge with the scalability and automation of its patented technology.

The improved product placement resulting from the Commerce Data Syndication service has increased revenues from the comparison shopping sites. Because increased revenue also meant higher CPC expenses, Channel Intelligence and Home Decor Products worked closely to keep the Marketing Cost/Revenue ratio within targeted ranges. Going forward, Home Decor Products will use the performance reporting tools included in Commerce Data Syndication to monitor cost and performance as revenues continue to grow.

Home Decor Products benefited significantly from a unique feature of Commerce Data Syndication that places each product into the unique categories of each comparison shopping site and portal. Consumers must be able to find the products they want to buy, which is especially true for the unique products sold by Home Decor Products. By placing each product into the correct category at each shopping site, Commerce Data Syndication increased revenues for Home DÈcor Products by making it easier for consumers to find those products.

Prior to using this service, Home Decor Products manually mapped their products to each site. The results from this process were neither efficient nor effective for the company due to the size of their online catalog and the complexities surrounding accurate categorization.

The Commerce Data Syndication service has helped Home Decor Products continue its rapid expansion in the online home improvement and home decor market. As Home Decor Products continues to expand its market presence, Channel Intelligence will remain a trusted partner because of its outstanding technology and high-quality customer service.

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