September 21, 2005, 12:00 AM

RadioShack tunes in a new web store frequency

In early October, RadioShack will launch a major redesign of its U.S. web site featuring faster search and an interactive gifts registry. The retailer expects to roll out a new Canadian e-commerce site in 2006.

RadioShack Corp. will spend the next several months and most of 2006 getting its customers used to a new pair of web stores. In early October, RadioShack, No. 108 in the Internet Retailer Top 400 Guide to Retail Web Sites, will launch a major redesign of its U.S. web site.

Earlier this year RadioShack signed a multi-year deal with GSI Commerce to operate its U.S. web site. When the site is reintroduced in a few weeks, it will feature faster search, a gift registry and other improvements, a RadioShack spokesman says. “The new site will be available at the start of the fourth quarter,” the spokesman says. “It is essential to have the new site available to customers during the holiday shopping season.”

RadioShack is also forming plans to sell online in Canada. On May 5, RadioShack announced the formation of a new Canadian subsidiary as part of the company’s planned North American expansion strategy. The company has established a dealer network and plans to open 20-30 company-owned stores by year-end.

In August, RadioShack launched a new Canadian web site, The site features information about the electronics retailer’s plans in Canada. The RadioShack spokesman says the company plans to open an online store for Canadian shoppers sometime in the next year.

RadioShack has sold in Canada for almost 30 years. In March, a Texas court upheld RadioShack’s right to terminate earlier license, merchandising and advertising agreements with InterTAN, a wholly owned subsidiary of Circuit City Stores Inc.

InterTAN licensed the RadioShack brand name and purchased private-label merchandise after RadioShack spun off its Canadian operations in 1987.


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