May 27, 2003, 12:00 AM

Rock Bottom restaurants find recruiting efficiency on the web

The chain of restaurant breweries is using a web-based employee management system to reduce the time it spends on recruiting, hiring and administering workers.

Rock Bottom, a Louisville, CO-based chain of 30 restaurant breweries, expects to find, hire and administer workers more efficiently with a new web-based workforce management system, the company says. The system`s deployment is the first of a combined job-application and labor scheduling system recently introduced by Unicru Inc. and TimeManagement Corp.

The jointly developed application combines Unicru`s web-based Workforce Selection and Optimization System with TimeManagement`s TMx labor management software.

Ted Williams, senior vice president of operations at Rock Bottom, says the restaurant company has already increased the efficiency of its recruitment and hiring process with the web-based Unicru system, which enables hiring managers to quickly view the results of job applications filled out either on the web or at an in-restaurant web-based kiosk. A completed application is immediately sent over the Internet to Unicru`s databases, where an applicant`s information is matched against pre-set skills criteria set by Rock Bottom. Within minutes, a manager can use a web browser to view the completed job application and a summary of Unicru`s findings on how well the applicant`s skills match Rock Bottom`s criteria for particular employment positions.

The integrated Unicru and TimeManagement systems will extend the use of the web to post-hire workforce management. Once an employee is hired, the Unicru system will send his or her information into the Time Management TMx system, which manages labor scheduling, staffing forecasts and time-and-attendance records. The system eliminates the need to physically enter an employee`s data multiple times for different employment positions, each of which typically offer unique hourly wages, Unicru and TimeManagement say.

Unicru and TimeManagement say they are also working on further integration that will take performance data collected by TMx, such as sales per employee, and combine it with skills assessment analyses in the Unicru system. This is designed to help Rock Bottom judge how well an employee is meeting pre-set skill levels. And by seeing how well a particular employee fared in a certain position, Rock Bottom will then be able to make any necessary adjustments to its skills-based selection process, Unicru says.

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