May 16, 2002, 12:00 AM

How an online tacking system made life easier at a Manhattan gift retailer

An online tacking service from UPS that Manhattan Fruitier installed has deflected a significant number of calls from its customer service center.


An online tacking service from United Parcel Service that online retailer Manhattan Fruitier has installed has deflected a significant number of calls from Manhattan Fruitier`s customer service center and reduced the amount of time it takes a customer service rep to handle such calls when they do come in, Jehv Gold, Manhattan Fruitier president, says.

Manhattan Fruitier is using UPS`s Online Tracking service which allows customers to track orders by Manhattan Fuitier`s order number rather than by UPS`s parcel number. By using such a system, Manhattan Fruitier is able to provide customers with a tracking number at the time of order. Under the former system by Federal Express that Manhattan Fruitier used, orders had to be tracked by the FedEx package number, and that was not available until the order was shipped. That meant that if a customer wanted to track an order, someone had to remember to grab the airbill number before the package went out the door and communicate it to the customer, Gold says.

Now customers can receive order numbers when their orders are confirmed and can return to Manhattan Fruitier`s web site to track the order. Gold estimates that 20% of the call volume to customer service was to track orders. "We`re a gift site. A significant number of people will call us if they don`t get an acknowledgement within 24 to make sure the package was sent and arrived," he says.

With the online system. if customers still call for verification, customer service can deal with the calls in a fraction of the time they used to spend. "It used to mean finding the airbill and getting the number, then checking the status," Gold says. "Now they can just look it up on their computers. What used to take 10 minutes now takes 15 or 20 seconds."

Customers who track orders at get a pop-up window from the UPS site that matches the look and feel of Manhattan Fruitier`s site. They close the window but stay on the site after they receive the information they`re seeking.



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