May 13, 2002, 12:00 AM

Further revival of the Internet: Online ads are going up

The number of unique ads online jumped 33% from January to April of this year, reaching a new high of nearly 70,000 last month, reports Nielsen/NetRatings.


The Internet is reviving as an advertising medium, according to research released today by Nielsen/NetRatings, an Internet audience measurement and analysis service. According to the Nielsen/NetRatings AdRelevance service, the number of unique online ads jumped 33% from January to April of this year, reaching a new high of nearly 70,000 last month.

"The burst of online ads over the last three months indicates that the online ad market is finding some new traction," said Charles Buchwalter, vice president of media research, NetRatings. "From the previous peak in March of 2001, the number of unique ads on the web declined through the rest of 2001 to reach a low in January of this year. The downward trend during the past year has been reversed in just three short months."

The number of unique ads online fell from 68,400 in March 2001 to 52,530 in January, then rebounded to 69,838 in April.

Blue chip, established advertisers made up the top 10 growth leaders in the number of unique online ads created, Nielsen/NetRatings reports. Columbia House took the No.1 spot, with 330 unique ads in April, jumping 89% since the beginning of the year. Nestle USA, claimed the No. 2 spot with 214 unique ads last month, rising 67%.

"Two years after the dot-com bubble burst in mid-2000, blue-chip companies` adoption of the online medium appears to be accelerating," Buchwalter said. "Over the next 12 months, the significance of this development will be underscored if these increases in unique ads translate into sustained increases in online ad expenditures."


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