April 26, 2002, 12:00 AM

How web-based, real-time sourcing cuts time-to-market for Wilsons products

Using a web-based sourcing product, Wilsons Leather cuts 28 hours a week out of the sourcing of products. The web also enables new factories to be in communication with headquarters quickly.

Minneapolis, MN-based Wilsons The Leather Experts Inc. is cutting significant time out of sourcing its products over the web. Wilsons is using New Generation Computing Inc.’s e-SPS sourcing software to connect with its Southeast Asian manufacturing zone offices for the past 90 days. "Before we had this system, we had to double and triple handle POs and specifications, which meant e-mails and phone calls going to our main office in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong office would in turn re-input that information and pass it on to the factories. Any changes had to go through that process and cutting that process out saves about 28 hours per week," says Bill Zajack, project manager of Wilson’s sourcing system.

NGC’s e-SPS software allows all parties involved in creating and manufacturing products to have real-time access to one document that keeps track of the process via the Internet. "We gain a lot of mobility, flexibility and better data accuracy from this system," says Steve Waller, Wilsons vice president of sourcing. "If our merchants decide to make a new product or if we have a new factory open up in a new place we can have it all up and running within an hour. All they need is a web browser."


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