April 22, 2002, 12:00 AM

Cabela’s successfully links e-mail and CRM in a shoe promotion

When it had an overstock of large shoes, Cabela’s sent an e-mail message to customers who had registered at the site and provided their shoe sizes. Within a week, nearly 4% of recipients had bought a pair of shoes.


CRM and e-mail marketing proved a potent combination for Cabela’s Inc., the outdoor gear retailer, this month. Cabela’s found itself with an overstock of men’s shoes size 14 and 15--not exactly an average size in great demand. But since launching Cabelas.com nearly three years ago, and particularly since launching a redesigned site last fall, Cabela’s has been encouraging customers to sign up for subscriptions to e-mail newsletters and to register at the site with information about preferences and interests.

Over that time, it has acquired a database of big-footed shoe buyers. And so last month, it shot off 3,466 e-mails announcing a great deal on shoes. Within a week it had sold 132 pairs. “Our shoe buyers were very happy with the results,” says Sam Sidner, marketing manager of Cabelas.com.

Cabela’s experience demonstrates the importance of collecting customer data--and the right customer data--for CRM programs. “Registration was a vital link to making this happen,” Sidner says. Cabela’s re-launched its site using Art Technology Group Inc.’s Consumer Commerce Suite and its Scenario Personalization product. The ATG system allows Cabela’s to offer a broader range of custom presentations to customers, Sidner says.


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