July 30, 2001, 12:00 AM

BlueLight and Kmart launch new ISP, drop former free service

BlueLight Unlimited cuts monthly rates and offers points toward service with purchases at BlueLight.com.

BlueLight.com and Kmart Corp. today launched a new Internet access service that undercuts both its own previous service rates as well as those of most other ISPs available to consumers. BlueLight Unlimited Internet Service provides unlimited access for $8.95 per month, one dollar lower than BlueLight Premium service under its previous ISP. New users who sign up for BlueLight Unlimited before September 1 will be charged only $6.95 per month for the first three months of service. BlueLight.com shoppers can earn free months of Internet service with the purchase of non-clearance items on the site.

BlueLight Unlimited will feature more local access numbers than any other Internet service available, the company says; more than twice as many as America Online and 35% more than NetZero, which should mean fewer busy signals on dial-up and a higher level of service, the company adds.

“The BlueLight Unlimited Internet Service matches value with quality to meet the needs of our loyal customers,” says Heidi Gibson, general manager, ISP at BlueLight.com. “Americans shouldn`t have to pay nearly $25 every month for the privilege of surfing the Internet and shopping online.” Users of the company’s existing BlueLight.com Premium service, which provided 100 hours of online access per month for $9.95, will automatically be transferred to BlueLight Unlimited today. BlueLight has discontinued its other tier of ISP service, BlueLight Basic, which had provided 12 hours of access per month for free.


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