June 29, 2001, 12:00 AM

IRNewsLink: 10,000 Subscribers—And Growing!

IRNewsLink is a weekly information fix for the e-retailing news junky.

I hear it from retailers and catalogers all the time at industry conferences. “I love your magazine,” they tell me. “Read it cover to cover.” To say the least, it is gratifying to hear such comments. They reinforce my own assessment that Internet Retailer does an excellent job of covering the major technology trends, strategies and players which are reshaping retailing through the use of the Internet as a merchandising, marketing, and management tool.


But as good as it is, Internet Retailer cannot report all the developments in this business. Internet retailing is simply too dynamic a market to be covered fully by a monthly magazine. That is why we introduced IRNewsLink last April as a weekly e-mail newsletter service delivered at no charge to all Internet Retailer subscribers who have provided us with their e-mail addresses.


It is fashionable for trade publishers to produce complimentary e-mail letters. Unfortunately, many of them lack comprehensive and timely news coverage about the industry they are attempting to serve. It seems their primary mission is to promote the sponsor’s services to the publisher’s e-mailing list.


IRNewsLink is sponsored, too. But that is where the similarity with many other e-mail newsletters ends. Just one read of IRNewsLink will convince any e-retailing professional that this is one serious newsletter. With more than 25 staff-written news articles each week and more than 30 press releases-more than enough editorial content to fill an average magazine-IRNewsLink is a weekly information fix for the e-retailing news junky.


It is also the most efficient way of keeping abreast of virtually every development that involves the application of the Internet in the retailing and cataloging businesses from new marketing initiatives to current web sales results, from mergers to spin-offs, start-ups to shutdowns. It’s all there in an easy-to-read and attractive HTML format.


For that reason, it has become an instant hit with e-retailers. In the space of just three months, IRNewsLink has expanded its subscriber base to 10,000 merchants, and at the current rate of sign-up, we expect 20,000 subscribers by year-end. Signing up is easy. Just use the IRNewsLink sign-up function located in the upper right corner of the home page of Internetretailer.com, our popular web site. If, after reviewing the first newsletter you receive, you decide you can do without it, simply click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the letter. On the other hand, if you love it and can’t do without it, welcome to the rest of us who are absolutely hooked on this new information tool. You’ve got lots of company.

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