June 1, 2001, 12:00 AM

The latest in video e-mails: Personalized content

Video e-mails, the hottest new trend in e-mail marketing, are now incorporating personalization, even to the point of mentioning the recipient’s name in the video message.

Dynamics Direct, which provides video e-mail services to such clients as DisneyStore.com, says personalizing video e-mails can give retailers a marketing edge. “Most companies send out the same message to everyone,” says Ray Gillam, president and CEO. “The technology we employ is prefect for direct marketers and retailers because we can use database information about the individual to personalize an e-mail message.” That includes using targets’ names in the video presentation and offering them products that they may be interested in buying based on their purchasing profile provided by the merchant.

Gillam says the video e-mail business is heating up. Dynamics Direct, which launched its product less than a year ago, is conducting 16 campaigns this month and 18 next month. Gillam says the company has conducted more than 60 video e-mail campaigns this quarter.

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