February 28, 2001, 12:00 AM

Internetretailer.com’s New Look

We proudly announce the complete redesign of Internetretailer.com, where speed, editorial content, search capability and many new features are just part of this valuable resource.

When my partners and I acquired Internet Retailer from our former company last July, we focused our initial efforts on enhancing the magazine’s already strong editorial content, broadening its coverage to include the application of the Internet in all aspects of retailing and direct merchandising, and expanding its circulation. We have made major strides in all of these areas. And this month, we proudly announce our latest improvement-the complete redesign of our web site, internetretailer.com.

From the beginning, it has been our intention to overhaul this site so as to make it the leading informational web site in the e-retailing field. It has taken us nine months to complete just the first phase of this redesign, in part because we put our initial emphasis on our print product, which remains the foundation of our publishing business. In addition, we wanted to make sure we developed a web site that met the same high standards we set for the magazine. That involved rethinking and reinventing the entire site and forging new vendor relationships. But if you click on www.internetretailer.com right now, I think you’ll agree the improvements were well worth the wait.

The redesign project has already achieved the following objectives:

Speed: Our old site resided on our former company’s server, which served many masters and at times could be tediously slow. The new site is not so encumbered and provides much faster access.

Editorial Content: The new site has easily 10 times as much information as the version it replaces. The current month’s issue of Internet Retailer is now posted in its entirety, as are all of the articles in all previous issues, going back to the premier issue in March 1999. Furthermore, we are now posting about eight news stories daily, compared to about half that in the first year of the web site. In all, more than 1,500 news and feature articles can be accessed easily on the site.

Search Capability: Ease of access to this wealth of competitive and industry information on e-retailing was a high priority in the redesign project. The new site is database driven, and visitors can search our editorial archives by individual or company name, by one of 28 popular topics (e.g. personalization systems) or by one of seven departments. The search results are displayed quickly and accurately.

New Features: A host of new features already live or planned for the new site. The Resource Guide of Industry Vendors has twice as many entries with more complete information about each one and with many hot links to vendor sites. Visitors to the site can now subscribe on-line to IRNewslink, our new free weekly e-mail news service. The industry events section features information on more than 50 industry conferences, with hot links to most of their sites. And the press release page will post dozens of news releases each week from e-retailing sources. Soon, we will add a survey section where visitors can respond on timely industry issues and see how the rest of the industry responds.

While I am proud of what we have accomplished so far, I realize that the redesign is not complete. It has only begun. The design architecture we have chosen will enable us to continually add new features and more editorial information. In fact, our goal is to add one major new feature a month to the site. So the site you view today will only be part of what internetretailer.com offers tomorrow. And when you click on a new feature and see “coming soon,” believe it. Each month Internet Retailer, highlights the best practices in web merchandising. At internetretailer.com, we will practice what we preach.

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