January 19, 2001, 12:00 AM

Amazon Remains King Of The Web Retailing Hill

After losing the No.1 title in Internet shopping to ebay.com in May, Amazon.com made a comeback in June as the most popular shopping site on the web, with a reach of 14.7%, according to PC Data Inc., a leading Internet market research firm. Overall, there were few changes in the top 10 shopping sites in June. CDNOW.com continues to experience healthy growth with its reach increasing to 7.5% from 3.9% in April. Internet music shopping and download site mp3.com also moved up to the top 10 list with a reach of 4.5%.

     All top 20 shopping sites surpassed a 3% reach figure, which translates into at least 1.3 million users in the month of June.

     Two new additions to the top 20 list are eToy.com and buy.com, who made their first appearance since March 1999. These two sites displaced other popular sites such as egghead.com and freeride.com, whose reach dropped to below 3% in June.

     PC Data Online estimates shopping traffic as the total number of unique users who went to at least one of the top 200 shopping-related sites in June.

The Top 20 Shopping Sites
Site Unique Visitors (millions) Average Time On Site
Amazon 6.46 20 minutes
Ebay 5.96 3 hours and 14 minutes
Download.com 4.49 19 minutes
BlueMountainArts 4.24 17 minutes
Cnet 3.31 10 minutes
CDNow 3.22 18 minutes
Classifieds 2000 2.41 30 minutes
Freeshop.com 2.31 7 minutes
Barnes and Noble 2.30 10 minutes
MP3 1.96 14 minutes
Valupage 1.94 9 minutes
Coolsavings 1.89 8 minutes
Ubid 1.82 17 minutes
Beyond.com 1.74 10 minutes
Egreetings 1.48 20 minutes
Etoys 1.48 10 minutes
Buy.com 1.44 21 minutes
Spree.com 1.36 24 minutes
ColumbiaHouse 1.34 29 minutes
Launch.com 1.32 11 minutes

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