The Internet Retailer
2015 Leading Vendors
to the Top 1,000

Comprehensively Ranking and Detailing the E-Commerce Solutions Providers Powering America’s Top 1,000 E-Retailers

With online retail sales in the U.S. growing by 16% in Q2, according to the Commerce Department, more web merchants are stepping up their investments in e-commerce solutions. In fact, our own findings from a recently published survey reveal what the 87% of e-retailers planning to spend more on e-commerce technologies and services during the next year will buy. (Click here to see the list of the Top 10 tech spending priorities.) But how can web merchants looking to upgrade their retail web sites with the latest technology effectively zero in on their search for just the right solutions providers? Fortunately, we’ve got just the right resource with the all-new and expanded Internet Retailer 2015 Leading Vendors to the Top 1,000.

At 347 pages, the third edition of this trusted research publication serves as an annual ranking of the 195 biggest vendors based on their number of clients ranked in the Internet Retailer 2014 Top 500 Guide and Second 500 Guide and the web sales those retailers represent. The 2015 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 comprehensively ranks the top vendors in each of 30 solutions categories—from affiliate marketing to web site testing/optimization—based on the total 2014 and 2013 e-commerce sales of their clients among North America’s Top 1,000 e-retailers.

Which solutions providers dominate their respective solutions categories? Which technologies or services categories overall are skyrocketing? And, even more importantly, which solutions providers are your competitors using in your merchandising category? Turn to the 2015 Leading Vendors to the Top 1,000 for the answers.

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Digital Edition
Internet Retailer offers this indispensable research publication in an interactive digital format. The digital version of the 2015 Leading Vendors to the Top 1,000 is not simply an e-book or PDF; there are several value-added custom features available with this digital edition. When you purchase the digital publication, you can zoom in and flip through pages with ease. An easily navigable interface allows much faster access to data. For example, the list in the table of contents instantly links users to the pages containing each solution category, and every URL listed in each vendor’s listing is hyperlinked to that vendor’s web site, making it easy to move from the profile and data reported on a particular company to the site itself. A keyword search function allows digital subscribers to find all references to a certain word or phrase, enabling users, for example, to search all web sites that use a certain e-commerce solution provider.

2015 Leading Vendors Facts

How much Top 1,000 vendors grew their combined merchant base in 2014


How fast social media marketing technology deployment grew in 2014


How fast content delivery deployment grew in 2014 based on # of Top 1,000 installations


Number of Google web analytics clients among the Top 1000 e-retailers

Key Features

  • Freestanding Listings302 listings of the top tech vendors in each of 30 solutions categories

  • Detailed Data SummaryShare of total solutions category web sales, customer info and more

  • E-Commerce Market Leaders30 easily searchable solutions categories

  • Stats at a Glance13,590 total data points on the top tech vendors

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