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Cover Story

The battle for e-commerce talent

E-commerce talent is in demand, and e-retailers know they have to properly motivate experienced professionals to hire or retain them. This story will look at the latest hiring and employee retention trends in e-retail and identify the roles that are in the greatest demand. It will profile several e-retail professionals sharing their own career decisions, such as how job/role choices helped them climbed the e-retail ladder, what motivated them to stay or go and, if the interviewees are in a hiring position, what they look for in potential new hires.   It will also report on how online retailers are adjusting salary and benefits packages, other perks and even the locations of their e-commerce operations to attract and retain staffers, and where they go to find younger professionals who don’t yet command hefty salaries.

Topics: E-commerce jobs

Survey: Delivery alternatives

The major shipping carriers delivering to shoppers’ homes are not e-retailers’ only option. A fleet of alternative delivery models, such as pickup points in urban areas and delivery by Uber, and ultra-fast (same day or one-hour) delivery options are being used or available to merchants and consumers. This story will look at which retailers are offering/using these services, and how popular they are with consumers. Are merchants using these services seeing improvements in retention or shopping frequency? Are these programs particularly appealing to certain kinds of shoppers or in particular product categories? The story will also feature the results of an Internet Retailer survey about the delivery programs e-retailers use, what they want to change and what they are experimenting with.

Topics: Fulfillment

Taking on China

With China’s growing middle class craving imported goods, there are big opportunities for overseas brands and retailers. This is particularly true now that China’s government has relaxed restrictions and lowered fees on consumer purchases from overseas retail sites. That’s led the leading web marketplace operators in China—Alibaba, and Amazon China—to introduce special areas featuring imported goods and to recruit foreign brands and retailers to sell there. This story will look at how online merchants outside of China are taking advantage of this opening, and review the forces at play propelling major e-commerce growth in China. The story incudes data from Internet Retailer’s newly published 2016 Asia 500.

Topics: China

How to offer the optimal price on every product

For e-retailers, the “right” price isn’t always the lowest price. This story will look at how e-retailers are implementing technology that helps them determine and manage prices that will drive profitable sales while not turning off consumers who have plenty of other shopping options. It will examine the services that automate the price-setting prices, including by scanning the prices on competing e-retail sites. It will also look at what “value added” methods e-retailers use to insulate themselves from needing to offer the rock-bottom price to capture sales (private-label products, free return shipping, personalized pricing for best customers, etc.).

Topics: Price optimization

Navigating a social media blowup

Retailers employ human beings. And human beings are not perfect. That can pose particular problems when they’re posting on social media, where there’s a high priority to act “human,” but where a single slipup can quickly go viral. That’s why retailers need to be ready. This story will explore how retailers and other companies have dealt with social media errors, how they defused the situation and the measures they subsequently put in place to ensure that that such incidents don’t happen again.

Topics: Social media

What’s in a (domain) name?

The dictionary of top-level domain options (the words or letters following the dot in web addresses) has exploded from 21 to more than 1,000 since ICANN began approving applications for new options in 2013. Some of the newcomers include .baby (owned by Johnson & Johnson), .app (owned by Google) and .free (owned by Many others are owned and managed by naming companies (Accent Media, Donuts Inc.) that are selling the rights to merchants to use a web address with that so-called “generic top-level domain,” or gTLD. This story will look at the gTLD’s e-retailers are using/buying, how they are using them today and what their plans are for the future. For promotions? To protect others from buying it first and misusing their brand? For example, has registered with Accent Media, but visiting that URL today redirects consumers to

Topics: Web site domains
Special Report

The cross-border opportunity

Many North American retailers are looking at how they can sell to consumers in foreign markets. That’s because e-retail sales are, in many markets, growing faster than in the more mature U.S. market. Forrester Research Inc. forecasts U.S. outbound cross-border e-commerce globally will expand at a 16% compound annual growth rate, to $44 billion in 2018 from $24 billion in 2014, while domestic e-commerce sales will grow at a compound rate of 10%, to $480 billion by 2019 from $334 billion in 2015.

The issues explored in the special report and advertising section “The cross-border opportunity” are significant. U.S.-based retail sites are the top international destination for online shoppers outside the United States, with 26% of these shoppers making at least one purchase with a U.S. e-retailer, according to recent research.

Looking to explore those markets, e-retailers today are looking at the services they can use to appeal to these consumers. The special report and advertising section “The cross-border opportunity” will examine just that, and introduce e-retailers to the services and technologies that can make selling internationally more appealing. They include translation and localization services, expanded payment methods and shipping programs that make delivery (and returns) across borders less onerous. The story will also offer advice on the countries and online marketplaces that offer the greatest opportunities to North American e-retailers looking to sell overseas.

Topics: Foreign markets
Special Report

Driving ROI from digital marketing

E-retailers’ digital marketing budgets are on the rise, and while they have more to spend, there is more pressure on digital marketers than ever to reach the right audience and generate sales from that ad spend. The special report and advertising section “Driving ROI from digital marketing” will examine the newest opportunities to drive more returns from marketing investments, such as from paid search, Google Shopping, email marketing and social media outreach.

It will also address the hot-button issue of personalization, which can take many forms depending on the digital marketing channel and goals. The special report and advertising section “Driving ROI from digital marketing” will look at the mix of methods and technologies e-retailers can apply to make interactions with consumers more personal—and drive powerful returns. Vendors who provide digital marketing support and services to e-retailers will provide commentary on use cases and how e-retailers can get more return on their investments.

Topics: Digital marketing

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