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Cover Story

Electioneering e-commerce

With the U.S. presidential campaigns shifting into high gear, this story will look at the merchants selling political paraphernalia online. This includes the authorized e-retail stores of candidates and those just getting in on the action by selling tees, buttons and bumper stickers. Who are the e-commerce professionals running these sites? How are they leveraging the exposure the shops naturally receive because of the high profiles of their candidates? How much data are they collecting from buyers and how are they putting it to use? How much are they actually selling? And what will they do after a candidate drops out or loses?

Topics: Product showcase

The looming showdown over online sales tax collection

2017 will mark the 25th anniversary of a U.S. Supreme Court decision that has exempted many online retailers from having to collect sales tax on purchases. It could also be the year when that exemption ends, and online retailers must be ready to respond to what would be a major change in their competitive position. This story will explain the changing political and legal situation and the likelihood of the sales tax exemption going away in the next year. What should online retailers do? How much would paying sales tax change the way consumers shop online? This story will report on the impact collecting sales tax has had on Amazon’s sales and on how other online retailers are preparing for what could be a significant change for catalog and web-only retailers.

Topics: Sales tax

More, better, faster: The e-commerce technology heats

As the e-commerce service provider industry is changing at a dizzying pace, this feature will fill readers in on changes in the market. Companies are snapping one another up and consolidating, seeking to provide one-stop e-commerce shops for busy online retailers that don’t want to manage multiple vendor relationships and technical integrations. The story will dig in to which technology companies are making the biggest gains with e-retailer clients in the Internet Retailer Top 1000, and at which vendors are dominating in contracts with smaller and mid-market players.

Topics: Vendors to the Top 1000, Product showcase
Data Points

Data and insights from the Global 1000

Most retailers are no longer content to rely on last-click attribution to evaluate their marketing channels. And that’s forcing affiliate marketing to change the way it has operated for the past 20-some years. This story will highlight how retailers are growing increasingly sophisticated in how they understand whether their affiliates are actually responsible for a shopper clicking and buying. This story will highlight how several online retailers are using data-driven techniques such as attribution modeling to ensure that their affiliate programs are paying off.

Topics: Global 1000

How mobile is changing search

There’s a massive shift in the ways that retailers are allocating their paid search dollars—away from text ads to PLAs. That shift is a reflection of the fact that mobile devices accounted for the majority—53%--of all paid search clicks in the second quarter and consumers on mobile devices are far more likely to click on a PLA than they are to click on a text ad. That helps explain why Google recently rolled out so-called Extended Text Ads that give merchants more room to convince shoppers to click on an ad. This story will examine the state of paid search and how retailers are adapting their paid search techniques.

Topics: M-commerce

Raising the bar on e-retail interactions

Consumers today expect more out of their e-retail interactions. Feature-rich sites that are useful as well as entertaining are setting themselves apart. This story will look at what features and technologies e-retailers are integrating into their e-commerce platforms to deliver the experience consumers demand. Technologies covered include the more natural integration/use of video content, live inventory data and guided sales tools.

Topics: Product showcase
Special Report

Payments and security

Criminal activity is something every e-retailer faces at one time or another. Criminals come in many forms—the anonymous hacker trying to slip code into a site to steal data, the shopper who uses a stolen credit card to shop—and online retailers have to be constantly on guard to stop them. The sponsored special report appearing in the October issue will provide readers with information about criminals’ latest schemes and the tools available that can help keep them at bay.

Topics: Security

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