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Top 500 Guide


1. Company Snapshot

Detailed write-up of each merchant’s latest web retailing strategy and news.

2. Financial

A multi-year history of each retailer’s annual web sales and latest growth rate.

3. Operational

The key traffic, ticket and conversion rate statistics that drive e-retail sales.

4. Marketing

Performance statistics on each merchant’s search marketing programs and search spending.

5. Shopper Profiles

A breakdown of each web merchant’s site visitor demographics.

6. Management

Headquarters address and contact information of the top e-commerce executive.

7. Mobile Commerce

Retailers with mobile-optimized sites and mobile apps.

8. Vendors

Vendors used by each merchant in 30 different e-commerce solutions categories.


How fast U.S. e-commerce grew in 2014


How fast the Top 500 grew in 2014


How much of the Top 500 are web-only merchants


How fast all U.S. retail sales grew in 2014

Key Features

  • Sales Figures2014 web sales of the 500 largest North American e-retailers

  • Thorough Analysis263 total metrics per retailer in the database version; 57 in the printed & digital Guides

  • Comprehensive ScopeFeature article spotlights all Top 500 trends

  • Industry Contacts2,211 online retailing executives

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