The Internet Retailer
2015 Social Media 500

Meet the 500 Masters of Social Marketing
& Commerce in 2015

As consumers continue to spend more of their online time on social networks (according to comScore Inc., the networks claim 20% of daily attention spans), and as those networks roll out advertising formats with unparalleled targeting capabilities, e-retailers are massively stepping up their social media marketing, and Internet Retailer’s latest research shows that these moves are paying off. Indeed, the 500 leading social media marketers in the U.S. and Canada are fine-tuning their social media marketing and commerce initiatives to maximize their impact on their bottom lines. They collectively grew their social commerce sales in 2014 by 26.0% to $3.30 billion, up from $2.62 billion—well ahead of the growth rate of e-commerce overall in the U.S. (16.9% in 2013 according to the Department of Commerce)—according to the data in the just-released 2015 Social Media 500. As a whole, the data show these 500 e-retailers:

• Boosted their Facebook Likes in 2014 by 33% to 915.7 million
• Grew their Twitter following by 26% to 88.6 million followers
• Increased their number of Pinterest followers by 16% to 34.7 million; and
• Drove 78% more video views on YouTube for a total of 3.89 billion.

These masters of social marketing and commerce excel at delivering tailored content on social networks, engaging a broad customer base and enlisting them as brand ambassadors and boosting their web sales and conversion rates in the process. All e-retailers can learn from the initiatives of these social commerce leaders with the 2015 Social Media 500.

The 2015 Social Media 500 allows web merchants to benchmark themselves against their peers using key engagement metrics, year-over-year analyses of growth in total site traffic from social media channels, as well as in social commerce sales and other metrics. Now in its third edition, this treasure trove of competitive business information includes:

• Updated rankings and detailed listings of the 500 most effective social media marketers in North America, ranked by the percentage of site traffic they receive directly from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube
• 72 total metrics including exclusive social commerce sales figures for the past three years, monthly unique visitors from social networks, conversion rates on social traffic, social ad spending figures and key engagement metrics like average comment per Facebook post or number of retweets per Tweet
• 500 social commerce executive names and corporate contact information


Total Facebook following of the Social Media 500, in millions


Increase in total YouTube video views in 2014


Combined 2014 social commerce revenue, in billions


2014 increase in social ad spend

Key Features

  • Social Sales2014, 2013 & 2012 revenue from social networks

  • Social Ad SpendYOY spending on ads on social networks

  • Engagement MetricsEngagement metrics like Comments per Facebook post

  • Industry ContactsContact info for 500 e-retail social commerce executives

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